Perryton Promenaders

Perryton, Texas

A member of Panhandle District, Oklahoma Square Dance Federation

2019 Dance Schedule & Callers

Dances at the VFW - 7:30pm

5 MS - Plus Freddie McKee  
17 Plus Don Main  

2 MS - Plus Rod & Lois Ford  
21 Plus Jimmy Gouge  

2 MS - Plus Jim Howard  
14 Plus Lanny Weakland  
30 MS - Plus Charlie Robertson Panhandle District Dance
** VISIT 9 **

6 MS - Plus Jimmy Gouge  
18 Plus Skip Gates  

4 MS - Plus Sue Dellere  
16 Plus Rod & Lois Ford  

1 MS - Plus Jim Howard  
20 Plus Don Main  

6 MS - Plus Bob Thomas  
18 Plus Skip Gates  

3 MS - Plus Tim Tanner  
15 Plus Jimmy Gouge  

7 MS - Plus Robert Hutton  
19 Plus Rod & Lois Ford  

5 MS - Plus Bob Thomas  
17 Plus Jerry Junck  

2 No Dance ** State Festival **  
21 Plus Don Main  

7 MS - Plus Rod and Lois Ford;  
19 Plus Lanny Weakland  
31 MS - Plus Don Main ** Welcome 2020 **

Perryton Promenaders
President Rusty and Judy Tindell
First Saturday of month:
  Mainstream/announced Plus
  VFW building Perryton, Tx. 7:30pm
  Guest Callers
Third Thursday of month:
  Plus Dance
  VFW building Perryton, Tx. 7:30pm
  Guest Callers
The VFW Building is located in the Ochiltree County Expo area. Turn North off of Hwy 15 on Jefferson. Make an immediate Left to go west, take another left to continue going west going around the curve then another left to go south, another left into VFW building.

Expo is the large building, north of road going to VFW.

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Last Updated: January 2019